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Although stamps have lost their legal force, they are still useful as a representative and elegant accent on important documents. Also, stamps with the name make it easier to sign invoices, since it only takes a couple of seconds to apply the stamp. Also, when signing the delivery note, a date stamp is very useful, with the help of which you can indicate in a short time on which day the document was signed. You can find the prices for making stamps in our catalog, in which the price is indicated already for a ready stamp, regardless of the selected information that must be placed on the stamp, with an included ink pad filled with one of the colors you want. Our company uses the world’s leading stamp manufacturer Colop manufactured seal housings that ensure their longevity and quality.



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Laser engraving

Representation materials with engraving looks exclusive and representative, thus making your brand outstanding. Our technology park includes a CO2 laser engraving machine that is capable of engraving metal, organic glass, wood, leather and other materials, and it’s power enables cutting them through more than 10mm thick. With this equipment, it is possible to engrave your design on the top layer of the product, as well as to create uniquely shaped representational materials with your company’s logo. Also, by combining this technology with UV Printing, it is possible to create souvenirs printed with full-color printing and cut to a unique shape. Laser engraving ir perfect for personalizing gifts with your own design. The advantage of this technology – any product can be personalized starting from one unit. Making stamps, laser engraving is an irreplaceable technology that gives you the opportunity to create stamps with an accuracy of less than a millimeter, in this way you have the opportunity to get stamps in which even the finest detail will be visible when you press the stamp on paper.

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Print with warranty

We value quality above anything else. That's why we are the only company in Latvia who's offering one-year warranty for printed goods.


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Printing with warranty

One year warranty for any print

Worldwide delivery

Free shipping over 500 Eur

No minimum quantity

Any item from one unit