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T-shirt printing

Fast and high-quality T-shirt printing with worldwide delivery. Printed shirts perfectly represent your company, promoting recognition and advertising your services. T-shirts with embroidery additionally increase the value of your company in the eyes of the consumer. Also, T-shirt printing can serve as a great gift for the holidays – a shirt for a bachelorette party, a shirt for a wedding for a new couple, a birthday or a shirt as a gift for Mother’s of Father’s Day. We offer various types of technology options for print on T-shirts, like sublimation T-shirts, screen printing on T-shirts, Tshirts with photos and many other solutions. To find out how much costss T-hirt printing , it is recommended to order T-shirt printing in an online store, adding the desired printing files. By receiving your request, our customer service will find the most suitable printing technology for your needs and provide you with a price offer.



Learn more about the differences and advantages of printing technologies

Thermo transfer on T-shirts

In this technology, printing is done with a special material. wich is cut out with a special machine and then printed on the fabric. Almost all fabrics can be printed by using heat transfer technology. One of the advantages of printing is the possibility of printing from one unit, as well as the fact that the graphics printed in a specific color will not lose their bright colors for years. Reflective, luminescent, gold and silver printing is also possible in thermal transfer technology. The printing price is calculated depending on the complexity of the file and the number of units in each order. We use only the highest quality materials for this technology, to guarantee that print will not crack or peel off, if the care rules for the printed fabric are followed – wash up to 30 degrees, turn the textile product to the other side, and do not iron the places where there is a print.


Screen printing on T-shirts

Screen printing is a great solution for orders with large quantities of items. Very low cost, at high volumes. All types of textiles can be printed in one or more colors with screen printing. Gold and silver printing is also possible. It should be assumed that this technology is advantageous for large volumes, however, we can also make one copy. We recommend minimum quantity fof order- 20pcs, for this technique, to lower the price per item, but we can make one piece as well for higher price. In this technology, printing works can be done according to the PANTONE color palette, but the CMYK color palette is also available, for displaying various types of illustrations and pictures in raster graphics.

Digital textile printing (DTG) on T-shirts

With this technology, you can get a full-color print up to 35×45 cm in size. Bright colors and excellent contrast. The printing colors, similar to screen printing technology, are pressed into the fabric, which ensures longevity. Compared to screen printing, digital printing has no additional preparation costs and minimum volume, so it is possible to make orders that are different for each one. In this technology, it is also possible to print over zippers. Compared to other technologies, the cost of this technology is the highest, but at small volumes the result is excellent, which cannot be achieved with any other printing technology.


Sublimācija uz T-krekla

You can make most complicated print by using sublimation technology in unlimited options. In this technology, it is possible to print polyester fabrics and only then sew them together to form a garment. Very bright colors and fine details. A perfectly suitable technology when the design must be all around the entire printing unit. The advantage of sublimation is that the print is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and cannot be felt by touch. Sublimation printing is also possible on classic polyester t-shirts for everyday use or sports.

Embroidery on textile

High-quality embroidery with the company logo adds value to any textile. The number of colors when embroidering is not limited, however, it should be taken into account that it is impossible to achieve color transitions with embroidery technology. On the other hand, it is also possible to use gold, silver and other metallized or design threads, with which you can achieve an even more impressive effect.. For a particularly impressive effect, we also offer 3D embroideryto make the embroidery is several millimeters thick and creates the appearance of a three-dimensional object. When creating a design for embroidery, it should be taken into account that the thickness of the lines of the included objects is not less than 1 mm. Embroidery service is available starting from one unit, however the best price can be obtained by ordering at least 10 identical units. Embroidery is possible on all types of fabrics, both by sewing directly on the fabric and creating stitches that are later sewn to the desired product.

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“Last year, at the company’s sports games, we took 1st place among all 15 stores in shirts designed by Idejudrukas called “Centaur”! This year, we must continue to send lucky shirts and win!”


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Printing with warranty

One year warranty for any print

Worldwide shipping

Free shipping over 500 Eur

No minimum quantity

Any item from one unit